Blog for the The Ultimate Vocal Warmups For The Rock, Soul, Blues, Drama, Indie, Progressive Voice

In this blog, we’ll be talking about and discussing how to warm up the rock voice.

Again, as I have said in the past warm up videos, there are lots of different genres and if I recorded a video for every genre, I’ll be here forever. You can use this video for soul, blues, theatre, indie, progressive, alternative whatever you feel that you need to use it for. Please again it’s a recommendation to warm up for the length of time that you desire and the parts of your voice that you are using.

Warming up the voice I will be starting with an ung, a hum with a mouth close or burble to passively warm your voice up. Straight after this, I’ll be going into a wee falsetto scale to warm up the top end passively. After this I will be doing some sirens on a wee as well too. After this I will be warming up my true voice with an art sounding scale just slightly a drier scale than a mah or a wah so it warms up with a little bit more assertiveness. After this if you’re doing some harder techniques, I may be doing that scale segregated.

Warm up exercises tackled in this blog are here:

Again, before I go up on stage I make sure that I sing the first verse and the first chorus of the first song that I am about to sing so that I know that I am completely confident in my abilities to present that song and the rest of the set to the best of my abilities.

Hope that it has helped you out and I am sure that it has! I’ll see you on the next blog!